Over half of America feels insecure about their smiles. In fact, 57% now cover their mouths when laughing due to insecurities. As a result, over 60% want to change something about their teeth.

Top concerns include receding gums, spaces between teeth, and crooked smiles. Searching for cosmetic dentistry near me could help! However, you’ll likely come across a few cosmetic dentistry myths along the way. 

Here are nine myths to ignore as you learn more about cosmetic procedures. With this cosmetic dentistry guide, you can visit your dentist feeling confident. Read on to learn more!

1. It’s Pricey

Nearly half of insured Americans skip visits to the dentist or recommended procedures because of the cost. As a result, one of the top myths surrounding cosmetic dentistry is that it’s expensive.

Not many people realize that any cosmetic dentistry procedure that’s restorative is often covered by most insurance companies. Newer technology can cut down the costs of some procedures, too. Dentists are now able to access materials and perform procedures more efficiently.

For example, some dentists choose to design and mill dental crowns in the office. Others can create dental veneers in the office. 

As a result, patients can get their crown or veneer within a single visit, instead of having to schedule multiple appointments.

Some cosmetic dentistry procedures require more extensive work, though. As a result, these procedures can get costly. However, some procedures could benefit your wallet over time.

For example, perhaps you have gaps between your teeth. Food particles and bacteria can get trapped between these gaps, allowing plaque and tartar to develop. Your risk of tooth decay and gum disease could increase as a result.

You can close these gaps with a cosmetic dentistry or orthodontic procedure. You’ll reduce your need to treat a cavity or periodontal disease in the future, which could save you money, time, and stress.

Make sure to talk to your cosmetic dentist about your treatment options. Ask if the practice offers a payment plan to help you achieve your stunning smile without blowing through your budget, too. 

2. Procedures Are Only Cosmetic

Many people focus all of their attention on the “cosmetic” part of cosmetic dentistry. However, many of these procedures can benefit your overall oral health as well.

For example, your cosmetic dentist might recommend dental veneers if you’ve chipped a tooth. Veneers can improve the appearance of your smile. However, they’re also able to protect your teeth if your enamel has worn down over time.

Otherwise, your tooth could become more vulnerable to decay.

Enamel erosion might cause the tooth to become more susceptible to cracking and chipping as well. The tooth might become sensitive to foods and beverages, too. You might even experience shooting pains if the erosion gets worse over time.

Requesting a cosmetic dentistry procedure could help you avoid these issues.

Dental bonding can also fix chips or cracks while protecting your teeth from bacteria. Crowns can protect teeth after a root canal or damage. While these procedures can fix cosmetic issues, they can also protect your teeth.

3. Cosmetic Procedures Weaken Teeth

You don’t have to compromise the strength of your teeth to accomplish a stunning smile. Remember, many procedures can benefit your teeth long-term, even protecting your teeth from future damage. In other words, no; cosmetic procedures won’t weaken your teeth.

Instead, you can achieve a healthy smile and improved oral health without compromise. 

4. Whitening Damages Teeth

Teeth whitening will only damage your teeth if you’re using a kit from the store incorrectly or too often. Over time, the harsh ingredients in these kits can erode enamel. They can also leave your teeth feeling sensitive or irritate your gums. 

Don’t waste time and money on a tooth whitening kit at home. Instead, visit your cosmetic dentist.

A professional procedure is safer and ensures better results. Your cosmetic dentist can clear away stains without exposing your sensitive gums to whitening agents. Consider talking to your cosmetic dentist to discover your treatment options for whiter teeth. 

5. You Can’t Fix a Gummy Smile

There are solutions available for gummy smiles. 

For example, you might consider dental veneers if you also want to fix gaps between your teeth or crooked teeth. Otherwise, your dentist might recommend gum contouring. Contouring will remove gum tissue to ensure your smile displays a proportionate amount of teeth. 

6. Crowns Don’t Require Maintenance

Make sure to brush, floss, and use mouthwash to clean and maintain your crowns. Otherwise, scheduling routine cleanings twice a year. Otherwise, you might develop cavities in your other teeth or in the tooth under your crown.

Taking care of your crown can help improve its lifespan. 

7. Braces Are the Only Fix for Crooked Teeth

Your cosmetic dentist can recommend many different procedures for fixing crooked teeth. You don’t have to opt for traditional metal braces. For example, they can use a veneer to reshape your teeth and improve your smile.

If your teeth are crooked, talk to your cosmetic dentist. They can help you discover other options, including orthodontic care. For example, you can wear clear aligners, which are discrete and comfortable. 

8. Results Won’t Look Real

Many people worry that cosmetic dentistry will leave their teeth looking strange or unnatural. Don’t worry; technology has advanced a lot over the years. 

Porcelain and other materials can help veneers match your natural teeth. The material will match the shade of your existing teeth for a natural-looking smile. 

9. The Industry Hasn’t Changed Much

As with all medical fields, the cosmetic dentistry industry continues to change and grow every day. If you’re not sure a procedure can help your smile, talk to your dentist. They can help you discover new procedures to ensure you develop a treatment plan that suits your needs.

With help, you can improve the appearance of your smile to give your self-confidence a boost!

Ignore These Myths: Look for Cosmetic Dentistry Near Me Today

Don’t let these cosmetic dentistry myths stop you from receiving help. Instead, consider choosing cosmetic dentistry near you. Your cosmetic dentist can help you discover procedures that suit your needs and goals.

They’ll also help you maintain your stunning smile for years to come. 

Eager to discover your options? We’re here to help. 

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