Safety Standards

Spread Smiles, Not Germs

Carolina Smiles will be setting a new standard of safety and cleanliness for our patients, our team, and our industry. We take pride in being an industry leader in safety. Our team has made the following enhancements to our practice as a result of Covid-19.

Health Screening

All patients, including new patients, will receive additional health screening questions per CDC guidelines. We take the safety of each patient extremely seriously.

Sanitizing Stations

No-Touch Sanitizing Stations throughout our facilities encouraging strong hygiene to everyone who walks through the facility.

Protective Masks

Our team will now be using the most protective masks available in the market. We purchase them direct from the manufacturer removing the chance of counterfeit products which are flooding into the marketplace. Our resource is one of the few FDA approved suppliers.

Digital Thermometers

The use of no-contact digital thermometers will now be in use. This will allow us to screen the health of each new patient who visits the practice.

Extra Protection

You will notice we have added additional protection at the front-desk by installing plexiglass protection.


We have installed antimicrobial protection on all our keyboards.

Face Shields

Our clinical team will now be using face shields along with customized goggles providing enhanced protection.

Air Purification

We have installed UV clear air purification systems which help prevent microbial growth and improve air quality.

Hospital-grade Sterilization

In between patients, treatment rooms and equipment are thoroughly cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectant and all instruments are sterilized.