Did you know that grinding your teeth because of stress can lead to a cracked tooth? This has happened more and more during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While there are many causes of cracked teeth, the first thing you probably want to do when this happens is fix it. There are a lot of benefits to fixing a cracked tooth, so you’ll want to get started right away.

Not only will it make you more confident and feel that your smile is more aesthetically appealing, but it can also prevent decay and hurt enamel when you fix your tooth.

Keep reading to learn how to fix a cracked tooth and all about the options you have!

Get a Crown

If you break your tooth or have a cracked tooth, one thing you can do to fix this is to get a crown.

What is a crown, though? Crowns are basically little caps that are put on a broken tooth to cover the broken part. They can look just like the tooth, especially if you get a ceramic or resin crown.

Let’s say you crack a molar in the back of your mouth. You can always go with a metal crown to cap that tooth since no one will be seeing it. This is usually a cheaper option.

Either way, dentists consider crowns to be one of the safest options to fix or restore broken teeth. While there are always risks with breaking the crown (although rare), it will also prevent your tooth from chipping or breaking again. Just be sure to have it looked at every 5-15 years for preventative measures. 

Dental Filling

If you notice that you have a cracked tooth, especially if it is on one of your front teeth, your initial reaction may be that you need to go to the dentist to get a dental filling.

If the crack is on your front tooth, a dentist will most likely use a resin that is tooth-colored so it can not be seen when they use bonding for the filling.

So how does this work?

To bond a tooth, the dentist needs to create a rough surface on your tooth so that the bonding will adhere to the tooth. They will put on an adhesive material to the tooth followed by the resin.

Once the resin is on the tooth, they will need to properly shape it to make it look more natural. UV lighting is then used to harden the area to be more tooth-like.

While dental fillings are great options for your cracked tooth because they are easy, painless, and cost-effective, they can easily crack off again if you are not careful with what you eat. Talk to your dentist about what to do if this happens.

Dental Veneers

If a front tooth is broken or chipped, a dental veneer can make it look like you have your tooth back and better than ever…as if nothing ever happened.

So what is a dental veneer? 

A dental veneer is a piece of resin that resembles a tooth and covers the entire thing to rebuild the part that is chipped. This makes sure it is hard and doesn’t thin out over time.

How does putting in dental veneers work? Your dentist will first take off part of the enamel from your tooth. They will then make an impression of the tooth so that they can make it specific to your tooth size and shape.

This process can take a couple of weeks, so you will have to go back to the dentist to get it put on. When putting it on, the dentist will apply a specific concrete meant for teeth to harden the veneer onto your tooth. Once it is on, they will use a specific light to make it hard like the rest of your teeth.

This is a great option when fixing cracked teeth because it can last up to 12 years without needing any maintenance or fixing.

Root Canal 

If you crack a tooth and there is a section missing that leads to the center of your tooth, or the pulp, you can easily develop an infection from bacteria making its way in there. That is one of the risks of a cracked tooth.

And if you wait to long to get it fixed, this can end up happening.

However, there are ways to solve the infection and fix the tooth.

If you notice that your tooth hurts, changes color, or is sensitive to heat after you crack or break it, you probably have an infection from food or bacteria developing in the pulp area.

When this happens, the tissue can die, and it is important that you have it extracted right away. A root canal is when a dentist goes in to remove this dead tissue. Once they do that, they can fill the area to make sure it is sealed against future infections.

To do this, they will add a crown to the tooth as discussed above.

You Know How to Fix a Cracked Tooth, So Get Started Now!

Now that you know how to fix a cracked tooth, it’s time to contact a dentist to get the procedures done. Since there are risks of a cracked tooth, you don’t want to wait too long to see a dentist and get the area fixed.

Remember, don’t wait too long! Contact us if you are in the Greensboro, North Carolina area. We’ll have you back with your beautiful smile in no time!