There are several ways to synthetically replace missing teeth. One of the most common options is to get dentures. Another option you should consider, however, is getting dental implants.

Dental implants provide a number of benefits that you can’t get with dentures. Curious as to what they are? Then read on!

These are the benefits of getting dental implants in Greensboro NC.

What Are Dental Implants?

First and foremost, we should discuss what dental implants are. Dental implants are essentially synthetic teeth that are planted into the gums. They consist of a metal mount and a synthetic (but authentic-looking) tooth. 

The metal mount is driven down into the gums, acting as the root of the tooth. The synthetic tooth is then placed on top of the mount where it remains for the foreseeable future. 

Getting a dental implant can take months to facilitate. This is because the gums have to grow around the metal mount before the synthetic tooth can be inserted. However, once it’s attached, it should be good to go for the next decade or so.

As far as the metal mount goes, it should remain in good shape for the rest of your life. Only under extreme circumstances do implant mounts need to be replaced. 

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants come with a variety of benefits. The most prominent of these benefits include the following. 

They’re Permanent

Perhaps the biggest benefit of dental implants is that they’re permanent. Once your implant is in your gums, you won’t have to touch it for the next 10 to 15 years. And, even then, you’ll only be replacing the synthetic tooth portion (or crown). 

The metal root portion of your dental implant should remain for the entirety of your life. So, in other words, the most extensive part of the procedure only needs to happen once. 

When you compare this to, say, dentures, it’s wildly different. Dentures need to be taken out and cleaned on a regular basis. In addition, they need to be replaced every 7 years or so. 

They Look Like Real Teeth

Another huge plus of dental implants is that they look like real teeth. There will be no discernible difference between your implant and the teeth that sit next to it. The color will be the same, the size will fit in, and the shape will be realistic. 

In short, no one will even realize that you do, indeed, have a dental implant. You’ll have a full set of authentic-looking teeth. 

They Perform Like Real Teeth

Teeth aren’t just there to look good. They need to perform certain functions as well. Well, rest assured that dental implants meet these criteria. 

Not only do dental implants chew like real teeth but they also assist in speaking and supporting the jaws. They are, for all intents and purposes, real teeth. 

After a few weeks of having your implant in, you won’t even remember that it’s an implant. It will just be another tooth in your mouth. 

They Don’t Need to Be Sanitized

When it comes to dentures, you need to sanitize them every day. If you don’t, bacteria will start to grow in them, potentially leading to health problems. 

Dental implants don’t need to be sanitized. After all, they’re stuck in place. You really couldn’t even sanitize them if you want to. 

The only thing you have to do to keep dental implants clean is to brush them along with the rest of your teeth. Again, dental implants really are like normal teeth. 

They Halt Bone Loss

When you lose a tooth, the bone underneath that tooth is exposed to bacteria. Over time, this causes the bone to decay, resulting in bone loss. 

Unfortunately, once jaw bone is gone, it can’t grow back organically (though there are procedures that can restore it). As such, it’s imperative to prevent it from disappearing in the first place. 

One of the best ways to do this is to fill in the gap of the missing tooth with a dental implant. This implant will cease the spread of bacteria, keeping the jaw bone healthy and strong. 

They Keep Teeth Straight

When a tooth is lost, and a gap is formed in the teeth, the teeth next to it will start to shift over in an effort to fill that gap. This might seem beneficial on the surface but, in fact, it causes the teeth to take on a crooked appearance. 

As such, if you want to keep your teeth straight after you’ve lost a tooth, you need to have some sort of prosthetic inserted. A dental implant is the most durable and permanent of these prosthetics. 

They’re Cost-Effective

Getting a dental implant might seem expensive to you on the surface. However, when you take into account how long dental implants last and how much trouble they help to avert in the future, you’ll see that they’re actually quite cost-effective.

As we noted, dental implants last a lifetime. All you have to do is change your crowns every 10 to 15 years. So, while you might pay a decent amount of money upfront, that money will be spread out over decades and decades. 

All things considered, it’s a small price to pay. After all, it will preserve your teeth and enhance your dental health for years to come. 

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