And Why It Might Be Your Best Option

Invisalign is a transparent, plastic form of braces that has grown in popularity during recent years. Unlike braces, Invisalign can be worn and removed for specific periods of time, allowing patients to continue smiling without the looming appearance of braces and self-confidence issues they can cause.

This means that the stress over wearing braces as an adult and the anxiety that they might interfere with your lifestyle are no longer issues. Invisalign truly allows patients to continue their day-to-day lives with minimal changes or preparation concerns. From adolescence to adulthood, this option is popular and often preferred by many.

On top of the appearance benefit, Invisalign offers many other perks, including the following:

•Easier Cleaning and Maintenance – Invisalign is removable, meaning that it’s still just as easy to keep your teeth clean and well-kept while using this method.

•Fewer Visits and Check Ups – Invisalign trays are designed to be worn on a specific schedule and at certain intervals, meaning that the need to go into the office and receive periodic adjustments is far less than with traditional braces.

•A more Comfortable Experience for the teeth and jaw – Invisalign requires an adjustment period when a new tray is worn, but patients also report far less straining on the muscle and jaw.

•Less Time Worn and a More Efficient Process – Invisalign offers the same results as braces with a much quicker turnaround time.

•And Much More!

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